Recycling with a twist Bags, Jewelry, Home Decor and more.

Our Mission

The concept is simple. Everything has to be transformed from recycled materials. The criteria is way more demanding. Everything has to be well designed, well made and well priced. The mission is keep it out of the landfill by finding innovative ways of reusing what’s already available.

Our items are eco-friendly

Reuse it and you don’t have to reproduce it using new materials.This saves natural resources, the energy used to convert them and cuts pollution tied to manufacturing processes. We buy local. A huge percentage of our things come from local artists. In fact, the items that travel the furthest to get to us are fair trade goods. We know that cutting the distance a product is shipped to us cuts it’s environmental footprint.

We Upcycle

This means taking something with no value, making something new, thereby giving it a greater value. By giving a new purpose to readily available materials like used seat belts, innertubes, old records or bike parts the process is started. We’ve teamed up with like minded eco-designers and artists to give a second life to everyday discards by turning them into unique, fun, functional creations.